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Can you change to google translate male voice from female’s?

 Can you change to google translate male voice from female’s?

Google Translate has frequently come to the retrieval when language becomes a block instead of a medium of communication. It is a well-recognized free tool used by individuals around the world who want to translate words between different languages.

With support for over hundreds of languages and with its simplicity, Google Translate is a very beneficial app for trips. Many people ask the question if they can change to google translate male voice from the female voice or how to make google translate male voice. In this guide, we will elaborately discuss the answer to these questions. Therefore, without wasting any time, let’s jump into it.

Can You Change To Google Translate Male Voice From Female Voice?

All languages in Google Translator have just one specified voice of that language and you can’t alter the voice or gender of the voice. Also regrettably, not all languages spoken in Google Translate provide voice translation. There are numerous languages in which you can hear the translation spoken audibly by Google Translate, but it does not apply to every language.

There are a few substitutes for Google Translator, which has a dissimilar Artificial intelligence voice from google translator. They are Bing Translator, Word Lens Translator App, DeepL Translator, Babylon Software,, and more. The only method to alter voice in Google Translator is to alter the language or dialects.

It indicates that in case your language has a female voice by default, you can’t alter the google translate to male voice. A similar thing is functional when it comes to altering a default male voice in Google Translate to a female voice. A few languages have google translate male voices by default, like the Italian language.

Therefore, in case you want to alter it to a female voice, regrettably, the option does not exist. However, you have the option to alter to google translate male voice on your android phone. To do this, firstly, go to settings. Then, tap on language and input.

After that, you need to click on text-to-speech output. Now, you are required to tap on the settings icon next to the “Google text-to-speech engine” option. Next, you have to install the voice data. Finally, pick if you want either a male or a female voice from the options provided.

Why Can’t You Change To Google Translate Male Voice From Female Voice?

Google hasn’t been too precise about why there isn’t an option to alter the voice to both male and female. The best assumption would be that Google Translator utilizes varied modules for a text-to-speech program for each language backed by Google’s audible translation capabilities.

These modules are just recorded in one language through either a male or a female in an expert studio, at times for hours. Recording a similar module in both a male and a female voice isn’t just very slow but also makes tiny sense from an economic side. So, Google Translate provides the translation in either male or female voice.

Which Languages Have a Google Translate Male Voice By Default?

Although you can alter the voice gender in Google Assistant and Google Home, you need to understand how critical it is to numerous individuals for having a selection between female and male voices. For a few individuals, male voices are more effortless to understand.

Particularly for Google Translate, when you need to hear the word and understand the translation, male voices are more effortless to understand. There are some languages where you can find google translate male voices by default. For finding out the languages where a male voice exists in Google Translate, firstly, go to

Then, enter the texts or phrases that you want to translate into the left field. After that, tap on the drop-down arrow in the right field and choose the language in which you want to translate your texts or phrases. Now, on the box to the right of the screen is where you will find the place for the translated texts or phrases.

Google Translate will automatically produce a translation in that place. Next, you are required to tap on the speaker icon to hear the translation spoken. For hearing a dissimilar voice speaking in translation, you are required to alter the language from the drop-down arrow and tap on the speaker icon once more.


Google Translate has numerous advantages, but the voice of all languages is fixed. You are just able to change dialects or the speed of the voice, not the gender of the voice. However, there are some substitutes to Google Translate that you can try to change the gender of the voice. For instance, you can try DeepL Translator, which has a male voice in the English language. However, you can buy Google voice number to use voice translation.

In this guide, we have elaborately discussed changing in google translate male voice from the female voice. We are hopeful that now you have known about changing the gender of the voice in Google Translator.

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