Google Voice Error When Choosing Number

Google Voice Error When Choosing Number – How To Fix

Google Voice is a great voice messaging and call forwarding service that offers many unique features. However, there are times when you may experience an error when trying to choose your number. This particular error is known as Google Voice Error When Choosing Number. Sometimes Google shows it in the way ‘There was an error with your request’. So Google Voice Error When Choosing Number solv here.

This usually occurs when the incorrect phone number has been entered. Some more reasons are responsible for this problem. In this discussion, we are going to talk about this problem and will try to find some solutions. So, let’s start with Google Voice Error When Choosing Number.

Why Google Voice Error When Choosing Number?

There are a few possible reasons why Google Voice Error might be occurring when you try to choose a number. The first possibility is that the number you are trying to call is blocked or not in your contacts list. You can check this by opening your contact list and checking whether the number is listed. If it’s not, then you may need to add it or port out your current phone number from Google Voice so that it can access your address book.

Another possibility is that the number you have chosen isn’t registered with Google voice yet. This could be because the phone line on which it’s being used has been disconnected, or because someone else has already claimed that particular telephone line for their use (in which case they will probably have set up voice mail). 

Either way, if this situation exists, you’ll need to either get in touch with the person who owns/uses the numbers (assuming they’re willing) or find another way of calling them using Google Voice. These are the most common reasons and possible solutions of the number choosing error of Google Voice.

Why Won’t Google Voice Let Me Select A Number?

One of the downsides to using Google Voice is that you can’t directly select a number when setting it up. Instead, you have to use an account type such as business or home phone and then enter your forwarding number. This may be a problem if you want to set up multiple accounts for different purposes, like work and personal calls.

There are several solutions that can help address this issue. One solution is to create a custom forwarding number using Voicemail which will let you pick any number that suits your needs. Another solution is dialing through another app like Skype or WhatsApp on your registered Google Voice number instead of entering the digits manually each time.

How To Fix Google Voice Number Selection Error?

There can be a number of reasons why you might be having trouble using Google Voice, and one of the most common is when you are choosing your Google Voice number. If this is happening to you, try these steps to solve Google Voice Error When Choosing Number:

  • Reset your phone (sometimes this will reset your voice settings as well).
  • Check that all the numbers in your contacts list are associated with a type of contact (SMS, VoIP, Gmail…etc.). 
  • Try re-adding or adding a new Google Voice number. 
  • Reboot your device if possible. 
  • Use another browser on a PC/Mac to test out whether calling any other numbers will work for you.

If you can revise these things after having trouble with number selection. These will help you solve your problems. Some people suggest some other processes but the above are the best.

Google Voice Not Assigning Number

If you are having trouble assigning your Google Voice number to your account, there may be a few things that you can do. First, make sure that the number is enabled on your account and that it is associated with a known phone number. 

You can check this by entering the Call History feature of your Gmail account. If the number appears in this history, then it should already be assigned to your Google Voice account. If the number still isn’t showing up as an available option or if it’s not associated with any numbers from outside of Google Talk, try these additional steps:

  • Enable voicemail transcription for forwarding calls using Hangouts Dialer
  • Check if call forwarding has been disabled on both ends of the conversation

Google Voice Error When Choosing Number Android

Some people search for different solutions for the same problem with their android device. But whatever the operating system may be, you need to follow the solution shown in this discussion. That will help you to solve this problem Google Voice Error When Choosing Number.


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