How to Create Bulk Google Voice Number

How to Create Bulk Google Voice Number Fast Solution 2023

Are you ever interested in creating your own bulk Google voice number? Then, read the article carefully to learn how to create bulk Google voice number by following just a few tips.

Google voice is a free internet-based phone service that is gaining popularity around the world. A Google voice number is a smart and permanent phone number that works on multiple devices including Android phones, iPhones, and computers. However, sometimes we need to learn how to create bulk Google voice number so that we can use a specific number for a specific task. In this way, we can separate our professional life from our personal life.

So, if you are looking for a convenient way to learn how to create bulk Google voice number, then this article is for you. Without further introduction, let’s get started.

How to Create Bulk Google Voice Number – 5 Simple Tips

Usually, a Google account allows you to use only one Google voice number. This is why creating multiple Google voice numbers is a little much difficult. In this case, you need to follow some tricks and tips. So, let’s explore together how to create bulk Google voice number without any hassle.

Solution 1: Use Google Voice Paid Version

A Google account does not allow more than one Google voice number without any cost. Therefore, you need to select the paid version of Google to create a bulk Google voice number. In order to buy your 2nd Google voice number, you have to pay only $20 at a time. Although it is a paid process, we recommend that you follow this safe, comfortable, and reliable solution.

However, this purchased Google voice number will be your primary number. Ninety days after purchasing your Google voice number, your free number will be permanently deleted. If you pay an additional fee of $10, then this free Google voice number will always be your permanent number. In this way, you can create bulk Google voice numbers.

Solution 2: Select Your Phone Number as a Work or Home Phone Number

Let’s get acquainted with our second trick for creating bulk Google voice numbers. It might be impossible to create a bulk Google voice number without costing any fee. If you are reluctant to spend money on creating a bulk Google Voice number, then this solution can be highly preferred to you. All you have to do is just follow our strategy carefully. 

There are three different phone types on your Google Voice account. They are:

  • Home
  • Mobile
  • Work

You just activate your cell phone number as a work phone number or cell phone number. Keep in mind, never select your associated cell phone number as a mobile number. In doing so, your Google Voice account will disconnect all phone numbers that were previously connected with your Google voice account.

Solution 3: Create Multiple Google Accounts

It is time to introduce you to one of the easiest ways to create a bulk Google voice number. In this case, you just need to have multiple Google accounts or G-mail accounts so that you can use them to create bulk Google voice accounts or numbers. Trust me, it is the simplest way we have ever found.  

Now you may have a question about how you can use them all together. Don’t worry, the process is so easy. All you need to do is just select a primary Google voice number of your choice and link other Google voice numbers with it. This is how calls, messages, or voice messages will be forwarded to that one primary Google voice number.

Solution 4: Use Google Voice G-Suit Version

If you want to create a bulk Google Voice number, then G-suit can be a smart solution. It is mainly used for spreading communication, document collaboration, and reliable data storage. However, it lets you use as many Google voice numbers as you need. In this case, you are just required to go with the paid version of the Google voice G-Suit. It charges only $5 per month.

However, we found a lack of many helpful features in this process. For example, there is no call recording option on business calls. Therefore, you can’t be able to hear back the business calls. Besides that, you will find a lack of integrations in this VoIP platform. For these reasons, our advice is to think carefully before you start using it. 

Solution 5: Use Google Fiber Phone Number

Another solution how to create a bulk Google voice number is to use a Google fiber phone number. It is a cloud-based telephone service that works with the Google voice application as the primary phone number. In this case, your Google Voice number will be your secondary number. Here is how to create bulk Google voice number with Google fiber phone numbers. Let’s check them out.

  • First, go to the Google voice official website.
  • Register your free Google voice account.
  • Now, buy a Google fiber phone number, which costs only $10 per month.
  • Then set up your Google fiber phone number.
  • Now go back to the Google Voice website within 90 days of setting up your new Google fiber phone number.
  • Choose ‘Legacy Google Voice’ from the menu.
  • Now you will be taken to the new tab of your Legacy Google voice settings.
  • Finally, click the ‘Make Permanent’ button next to your original Google voice number.
  • Don’t forget to complete the transaction.

Google voice is a smart VoIP solution in this modern world. But it also has some disadvantages. When creating bulk Google voice numbers, we share our personal information. So, if you don’t create strong privacy, then they may be leaked anyhow.

There are plenty of reasons to learn how to create bulk Google voice number. One of the most important factors is its availability and longevity. So, in this modern time, almost most business holders accept Google voice numbers to spread their business. Apart from that, this technology is widely preferred all over the world for network expansion, company management, and above all effective communication.

So, stop putting yourself through the hassle of creating a bulk Google voice number. Just follow our guidelines on how to create bulk Google voice number and share your experience with us. Thanks for staying with us.

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