How To Delete Calls From Google Voice

How To Delete Calls From Google Voice – Step By Step

Every day we make so many calls from our Google Voice accounts. Some of them are important and some are less important. There is a class of calls that we don’t want to show people. Most of the time, we delete these calls from the list. Even if you are using Google Voice, you will get this feature. But do you know how to delete calls from Google Voice?

In this discussion, we are going to talk about the issue of Google Voice. After reading this, you will be able to delete your unexpected calls from the Google Voice call list. So, let’s start knowing everything about How To Delete Calls From Google Voice?

Can You Delete Calles From Google Voice?

Before we step into deleting process, you need to know whether it is possible to delete from a mobile phone or not. Some people are also confused about different operating systems. The answer is yes, you can delete calls from your Google Voice account very easily.

Google allows this feature for everyone. Even you can delete all of your calls from the list in one click. So, you need not to be worried to delete calls from your Google Voice account. From every operating system and every device, you will be able to delete these unexpected calls. Let’s see how to delete calls.

How To Delete Calls From Google Voice?

Google Voice is a great texting and phone service that can be very helpful in managing your communications. However, sometimes you may need to delete calls from Google Voice for various reasons. Here are some tips on how to do How To Delete Calls From Google Voice:

  • First, open the Google Voice app and sign in. 
  • From here, select Menu (three lines down) and then Options (fourth line down). 
  • Under Call logs & numbers, click Delete call. 
  • You will then be prompted to confirm the deletion. 

If you want to keep a record of deleted calls for later reference, you can also choose Save as a draft. This is the process of deleting calls from your Google Voice account. Different people describe this process in different ways. But finally, this is the easiest method to do this. Any software update may change the steps a little.

Why Need To Delete Calls From Google Voice?

Deleting calls from Google Voice is a quick and easy way to solve certain call issues. By deleting all of the calls that you have received through your Google Voice account, it will eliminate them from your phone as well. But some people may ask you do you need to delete calls from the list? I there any benefit to doing this? Let’s see why do people delete calls from Google Voice, and what are the benefits.

Perhaps you no longer use the app or want to free up space on your phone. Another possibility is that someone who used to have access to your voice number is now using it without permission. In any of these cases, deleting calls from Google Voice will protect your privacy and security.

Additionally, deleted calls can still be counted in polls and surveys unless you specify otherwise, so it’s important to make sure all old call records have been cleared before participating in survey or poll questions. 

Finally, if there are ongoing legal issues related to a missed call that you would like resolved privately rather than through public forums like Reddit or Twitter, then deleting the call record from Google Voice might be ideal for preventing further damage done by non-private information being released online.

How Can I See My Google Voice Calls?

Google Voice is a phone service that allows you to keep your current number and make calls through the Google Hangouts app. All of your call logs, including both voicemail and In Call video recording, are stored in the cloud so you can access them from any device or computer.

To see your call list, you have to go to the call history of your Google Voice. The different operating system has a different way to present your Call History of Google Voice. If you struggle to find the call history, read the next section of this discussion.

Where Is Call History In Google Voice?

If you are looking to see your call history in Google Voice, all you need to do is open up the Google Voice app on your mobile device and go to Phone > More Settings. Under History, you will be able to view a list of all of the calls that have been made or received through your account. You can also tap on an entry in this list for more detailed information about that particular call.


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