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How to do a google voice block number?

How does a Google voice block number?

Google Voice offers you a free number that can forward calls to your current mobile, take voicemails, send and receive messages, and normally do everything that you would anticipate on a mobile. Therefore, you should not be surprised to hear that you can block calls using your Google Voice number too.

It is a very easy process. Similar to any mobile number, your Google Voice number will always get its share of undesirable calls. Therefore, it is good to know how to do a Google voice block number. In this in-depth article, we will discuss exactly that.

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How does a Google voice block number?

You need to keep in mind that when you do Google Voice block number, calls and texts from that number will be marked blocked. The blocked caller will then receive a “Number not in service” text when they call. You will also not receive texts from that number.

In the below in-depth guide, we will discuss how to block numbers in google voice from a computer, iPhone, or Android phone, and how to block a mobile number on mobile using Google Voice. Read all the steps to get quick solution on google voice block number.

How To Do A Google Voice Block Number On A Computer?

If you are getting irritating calls, or you want to stop a particular mobile number from calling you, you can entirely block a caller. To do it from your computer or MAC, open your Google Voice account first. Then, you need to tap the phone number you want to block. You can find the number inside your call history or voicemail.

Google Voice Block Number On A Computer

Now, tap the 3 small dots to the right of the phone number. After that, choose the “Block number” option from the dropdown menu. Finally, tap “Confirm” to block the number. When the confirmation dialog box appears, you have the option to play the text to hear what your blocked caller will hear as well.

How To Do A Google Voice Block Number On iPhone Or Android Phone?

To do a google voice block number on an Android phone or an iPhone, you need to open the Google Voice app on your iPhone or Android phone first. If you want to block the number from a call or voicemail, you are required to open the call or voicemail from the contact first. Then, click on the 3 little dots in the dropdown menu. Finally, click on the “Block number” option to block the number.

Google Voice Block Number On iPhone

If you want to block the number from a message, you need to open the text from the contact first. Then, click on “More options.” After that, click on “People and Options.” Finally, tap on the “Block number” option to block the number.

How To Block A Mobile Number On Mobile Using Google Voice

By using Google Voice, you can block a mobile number from ringing on your mobile through call settings designed to aid you in filtering your incoming calls. The procedure requires that you connect your mobile to Google Voice but once connected, blocking undesirable callers is an easy procedure. This procedure takes only a few minutes to complete.

To do this procedure, firstly, log in to your Google Voice account. Then, you need to tap on the settings gear cog icon and choose the “Voice Settings” option. After that, tap on the “Add another phone” option if Google Voice isn’t up till now configured with your mobile.

Now, go to the “Contacts” tab and choose the contact you want to block. If the contact doesn’t exist thus far, tap the “New” option, and enter the contact name and mobile number. Tap the “Edit Google Voice Settings” option on that contact tab.

Next, you need to tap on “Edit” beside the “When this contact calls you” option. Check the bullet titled “Send to Voicemail” option and tap on the radio button beside it. Finally, you are required to use the drop-down menu to change it to Block Caller and tap on “Save”.

How To Block Somebody On Google Voice Who Has Never Called You Before?

The process of Google Voice blocking numbers, not in contacts, or blocking someone who has never called you before is a little different than the normal process. Google does not cite it particularly, but you can block any number saved in your contact list. To do this, you are only required to save the number you want to block into your contacts, then change the contact’s Google Voice settings and set it to block.

Google Voice offers a convenient call-blocking feature that allows users to prevent unwanted numbers from reaching them. When you block a number on Google Voice, the blocked caller will no longer be able to connect with you through your Google Voice number.

Here’s how Google Voice blocks numbers:

  1. Access Google Voice: Open the Google Voice website ( or launch the Google Voice mobile app on your device.

  2. Go to Settings: In the Google Voice interface, click on the three horizontal lines (menu icon) located in the upper left corner of the screen. From the dropdown menu, select “Settings” to access the settings page.

  3. Navigate to the “Calls” Tab: Within the Settings menu, locate and click on the “Calls” tab. This section contains all the call-related settings, including call blocking.

  4. Manage Call Blocking: Scroll down the “Calls” settings page until you find the “Blocked Numbers” option. Click on it to access the list of currently blocked numbers.

  5. Block a Number: To block a specific number, click on the “Add” button within the “Blocked Numbers” section. A dialog box will appear, allowing you to enter the phone number you want to block. Once you’ve entered the number, click “Block” to confirm the action. The blocked number will now be added to your blocked list.

  6. Review and Manage Blocked Numbers: From the “Blocked Numbers” section, you can view the list of numbers you have blocked. If you wish to unblock a number, simply click on the “X” next to it, and it will be removed from the blocked list.

By following these steps, you can effectively block numbers on Google Voice, providing you with greater control over your incoming calls and helping to filter out unwanted contacts.


Google gives an excellent set of communication tools, comprising Google Voice, a voice-over IP phone technique. Google Voice is an internet-based mobile service that empowers you to link numerous various mobile numbers to a single mobile number managed by Google. Like all other communication tools, Google Voice also has call block features.

In this in-depth article, we have discussed how to do a Google voice block number. We are hopeful that after reading this article, you have now known everything about blocking numbers on Google Voice.

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