Google Voice can't place your call

Easy Ways To Solve “Google Voice can’t place your call” in 2024

If you’re facing an error message “Google Voice Can’t Place your call ” Then you should follow this article. 

Google Voice is the future of Calling or connecting people. It offers so many services for free that would cost a lot higher if you want them from other service providers. Undoubtedly Google is one of the biggest tech giants in the industry. Google has served many services in many different fields and has invented many tech-related services for making our day-to-day life a lot easier.

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Solve Google Voice can’t place your call

In the past, many of us had multiple numbers for the need of our work or privacy. Sometimes it becomes unorganized and gives us an extra hassle. But after Google voice in the industry now we can merge all of our numbers into a single number with the help of google voice. And the best part is we can access it through all of our devices. For example, if You have a number for your home and a number for your business. Now you can merge these two numbers together and can access it or simply place your calls not only on your phone but also from the desktop as well both domestically and internationally.

Solve Google Voice can't place your call

In google voice, calling is the easiest thing on the internet. We can just simply dial the desired number and call them immediately through google voice.  But sometimes, because of some technical issues, we face some error message showing “Google voice can’t place your calls”. This is annoying. If you’re facing these kinds of problems then you’re in the right place. This article is all about the error message and its solutions. In this article, we are going to talk about the reasons behind this error message and find some definite solutions to this.

First Make Sure To Solve: Google Voice Can’t Place your call

Your Google Account is in a good condition.

sometimes problems from google account prevent you from making calls on Google Voice. Log into your google account from your desktop or laptop. If you’re facing problems with logging then it is maybe the reason that you’re seeing the error message “Google Voice Can’t place your call”. You should contact google as soon as possible if this is the case.

Google voice good condition

You have enough credits.

Generally, google voice is free to use but you need credits to make calls to mobiles and landlines. Calls to US and Canada are free but if you have numbers from Canada and US then you have to pay USD$ 0.01 per minute. If you want to know more about the rates of Google voice then Go to Google’s Listed rates.

You’ve called valid regions.

Well, Google Voice is available all around the world but in some countries, Google voice doesn’t allow you to call. So make sure that you’ve dialed a valid country or else you’ll end up seeing the error message” Google Voice Can’t place your call”.

VPN is Disabled.

Google Voice doesn’t prefer to perform when the VPN is enabled. This may cause you many problems. So make sure that your VPN is disabled while placing calls through Google Voice.

Allowed Permissions.

Sometimes If you’re on the latest OS like Windows 10 or Windows 11, IOS 15.2 then you need to allow permissions specifically. Because these latest OS are more advanced to control which app is using your Hardware.

    Possible Cases For Google Voice can’t place your call:

    There are many reasons behind this. Let’s identify what is your’s problem as Google Voice can’t place your call.

    Temporary Cache Files:

    Sometimes the cache files that are stored in your device in the folder of Google voice app files are the reasons for this inconvenience. To get rid of this problem you just need to clear the cache files of the google voice app.

    Temporary Cache Files

    Update Missing: 

    If your app is not up to date then you can see these error messages. Get your app updated first if you face these problems. An outdated version of an app often creates severe problems whose only solution is updating the app. If you update your app, you’ll see a lot of new features and updates which come with bug fixes. So, what are you waiting for? Go and update the app and see if it works like a magic.

    Data Settings:

    Most of the cases for this error message are data settings. Let’s figure out this “Google Voice can’t place your call”

    To place your call through the google voice app, correcting Data settings is an important fact. You need to set it correctly to place your call. You need to enable “calls over WiFi” from your phone settings. It doesn’t mean that a WiFi network is the only way to make calls. It just means that you are giving preference to the WiFi network to make calls for better stability of calling.

    To set your settings correctly, follow to above-mentioned steps:

    • You Need to Open the Google Voice app first.
    • Click the menu button located in the left corner.
    • Click Setting from the menu.
    • From the settings menu click “Make and Received Calls”.
    • Tap the “Prefer WiFi and Mobile data” option.

    Solutions for Android Users:

    • Open the setting app on the android device you have.
    • Go to the Storage option.
    • Then You need to go to the apps option.
    • Tap on the Google voice app
    • Press the storage option and Then click “clear cache”

      Try this method to place your call and see if it works or not.

    For Apple Users:

    • Open the Settings app on your IOS device
    • Go to the ‘General’ settings.
    • Open the “iPhone Storage” option.
    • Find the google voice app from the list and tap on it
    • Click the “Offload App” option to clear the cache and then try placing a call again.

    Google Voice can’t place your call for apple


    If you’re unable to solve your problem with all the steps discussed above then you can just simply reinstall the app. First Uninstall the app. Then restart the device. Then again download and install the Google Voice app. This may help you to recover from the specific problem.

    If you’ve failed to solve then you can ask for help from Google Support.

    If you find this article helpful enough then leave a comment and follow our website to get connected to these kinds of informative solutions. Hope you get the idea on Google Voice can’t place your call. Now Google Voice can’t place your call is solve.

    FAQ: Troubleshooting “Google Voice Can’t Place Your Call”

    1. Why am I seeing the message “Google Voice can’t place your call”?

    • This message typically appears when there is a problem with your Google Voice account settings, your internet connection, or Google Voice’s servers. It can also occur if there are restrictions on the number you are trying to call.

    2. How can I check if the issue is with my internet connection?

    • Ensure that your device has a stable internet connection. Try accessing other websites or services to see if they work. If you’re on Wi-Fi, try switching to mobile data, or vice versa, to see if the issue persists.

    3. Could the problem be with my Google Voice settings?

    • Yes, it’s possible. Check your Google Voice settings to ensure that your account is in good standing and that there are no restrictions or unusual activity. Also, verify that your call settings, like caller ID, are correctly configured.

    4. Is the issue specific to the number I am calling?

    • Some numbers might be restricted by Google Voice. These can include premium-rate numbers, international numbers in certain regions, or numbers suspected of spam activity. Try calling a different number to see if the problem is specific to one number.

    5. Can Google Voice server issues cause this problem?

    • Occasionally, Google Voice service outages can lead to this issue. Check Google’s service status page or online forums to see if there is a known outage or maintenance work in progress.

    6. What steps can I take to resolve the issue?

    • Restart your device and try placing the call again.
    • Clear the cache of your Google Voice app or browser.
    • Log out of Google Voice and log back in.
    • Update the Google Voice app to the latest version.
    • Try using Google Voice on a different device to see if the issue is device-specific.

    7. Where can I get further assistance if these steps don’t work?

    • If you’ve tried the above steps and still can’t place calls, consider contacting Google Voice support for further assistance. You can reach them through the Google Voice help center or community forums.

    8. Are there any charges for calling customer support for this issue?

    • Google Voice typically does not charge for customer support. However, if you’re calling via a mobile network, standard call rates from your carrier may apply.

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